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April 2012

I Like Me, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and When a Possum Comes a Knockin’ at Your Door are just a few of the books I remember from the bookshelf in our family room growing up. When we weren’t sitting around at home reading, my mom or grandpa would take us to the library to fill up our tote bags.

Today the flipped over milk crate next to my bed contains titles such as The Road to Serfdom, For Whom the Bell Tolls, World War II and Me, and Journey into Politics. While the books themselves may have changed from when I was little, the importance of reading in my life remains the same. Realizing how much I was influenced by my favorite authors made me want to write myself.

My passion for reading, and subsequently writing, propelled me through my school years where my writing was successful in the classroom and also outside it.  Several of my essays were met with recognition in contests and school publishings, and many more creations at home were received by family members with acclaim. I earned two English departmental awards in high school, and continue to write in Political Science courses at the University of Michigan as well as more creatively in my Writing Minor classes.

Finishing up my penultimate year of college, I am able to reflect on the things I like to do and would like to structure a career off of. Although my interest in having a job that allows me to wear nice suits and be on the move constantly is a bit abstract, I am confident that writing and communication will occupy a large component of the necessary skill set. Law school is in my future, as is a successful position in Washington, D.C. in our government. I also have not ruled out military service. Whatever route I take to my final destination, I am sure writing and the respect I have for it will be at each level helping me along the process.


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