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Introductory Essay

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Creating an E-Portfolio presented itself to me as an opportunity to make a supplement to conventional job application materials, package and stamp my college career, and display the interests and skills that my undergraduate experience shaped.

Writing from the various stages of my academic development is contained in the portfolio. The first tab, Academic Writing, features essays I have written over the past four school years, as well as an introductory essay written in the summer before freshman year. Some of these works include the stages of the writing process, which is crucial to good composition. Instructor feedback, peer critiques, drafts, and prewriting can be viewed for several different entries.


Current Project: Political Science 489 Final Paper (pre-writing, draft, instructor feedback)

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April 2013

Defending an Empowered Presidency: A Pacificusian Paradigm of International Relations

Perhaps the most readily apparent feature of the international system is that it is anarchic—there is no natural, unifying structure of rules, limitations, or safeguards by which all nations operate. Following World War II, the major industrial nations organized multilateral institutions to stabilize intergovernmental relations. The resulting world order was in no small way reflective of the interests and ideologies of the United States.

Major Capstone Project – Policy Journal

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To: Leon Panetta

Office Held: Secretary, Defense Department

From: Christopher Thomas

Problem Statement

North Africa is a cauldron of political and social unrest. The countries of Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Chad, Sudan, and South Sudan are among the poorest on the continent, and are home to almost entirely Muslim populations (1). North Africa is proving to be of increasing salience to world powers, as demonstrated by the French intervention there. Earlier this year, France intervened in the region to stave off the spread of jihadists in the Saharan state of Mali.